Single home and villas now can have their own sewage and wastewater treatment plant and recycle treated water

Small Communities from 20 apartments and dwelling units need special sewage treatment plants that are independent from the need of operator. EcoSBR is an economical solution with very low operating cost.  EcoSBR is also available from 1 KLD for single home application and up to 100 KLD STP capacities .

EcoTec provides services in sewage and wastewater treatment plant design and consultation

Trouble free operation of sewage treatment plant starts with proper planning and right design. Every wastewater and sewage treatment plant needs specialist support in planning and designing.Our experts always ask you the right questions to provide the design that you really need for the present and to meet future stringent norms set by pollution control boards. 

Made in India with German quality

Indian conditions are unique. Power fluctuations, high altitude, low to hig temperature, people behaviour influence the performance of a sewage treatment plant. EcoTec understands this best. Our treatment plant are designed for India conditions and with German standards and equipment. 

EcoTec Made in India for Indian customers- We support Swachh Bharat and Make in India initiative for clean environment.

Small wastewater and sewage treatment plants for smarter and cleaner India- EcoTec is a world class treatment technology MADE IN INDIA

EcoTec is your specialist for wastewater and small sewage treatment- from your single home water reuse and communities with up to 3500 people (1 KLD- 500 KLD)

Smart cities, communities and homes need smarter wastewater solutions. EcoTec technologies EcoSBR and ESBR are smart wastewater solutions for your home and community. Depending on your need for treatment option, EcoTec has perfect solution for single home STP, cluster of home sewage treatment plant,  small community plant (10- 20 apartment units), medium size communities (30- 200 dwelling units) and larger wastewater treatment plants ( 200 unit to 3500 units). EcoTec ESBR modular approach. More than 20,000 people are using EcoTec sewage treatment plant all over India. Our experts provide you with the right advise, design and delivery of installation equipment through our trained and  qualified channel partners that provide on-site support. They ensure care for the systems in different locations with regular service and maintenance for defect and trouble free operation of your EcoTec sewage treatment plants.

 EcoTec is committed to a high quality solution, German Engineering- Made in India for India.

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sewage treatment plant suitable for Indian conditions

Our reliable automatic sewage treatment systems have many advantages when compared to conventional manual sewage treatment plants. The technology is sophisticated, reliable, time tested and easy to manage without need for trained operator.

Our service network is available all over India. Our trained service partners carry out service and maintenance according to standard procedures stipulated by EcoTec and our component suppliers. EcoTec- The brand you can trust for your wastewater and sewage treatment.

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Become EcoTec Partner- Reliable SBR technology

EcoTec Channel partners are well qualified to install, commission and service ESBR and EcoSBR technologies. Our regular training programs adequately train them and also updates them to carry out service and maintenance for their customers. Our centralized learning and experience is transferred to each of our channel partners.