Treatment parameters

Unmatched treated water parameters achieved!

EcoSBR advanced treatment systems are designed to achieve treatment quality that surpass stipulated pollution control norms. Achieving highest treatment values with least use of electro-mechanical equipment is always our aim; this reduces dependency on unreliable pumps. When continuous fed sewage treatment plant need special tanks to remove nutrients from wastewater, EcoTec SBR systems remove nutrient to a very high degree. EcoTec is also ready for future stringent norms without need for complete revamp or reinvestment. 

Sewage parameter #

At Inlet*

EcoSBR Values***

EcoSBR Efficiency

COD (chemical oxygen demand)

800 mg/l

40 mg/l


BOD5(biochemical oxygen demand)

400 mg/l

9 mg/l


SS (suspended solids)

467 mg/l

20 mg/l


NH4-N (ammonium nitrate)

73 mg/l

3.5 mg/l


ptot(phosphate removal)

12 mg/l

0.5 mg/l


*** The results are average of test results in various sewage treatment plants

**with additional filtration unit the water quality is even better

*even in abnormal low inflow conditions the performance is unchanged

EcoSave mode- Intelligently manages unusual conditions

EcoSave-When no sewage flows into the collection tank within a treatment period, then the plant switches automatically into EcoSave mode saving energy and money until there is flow to run a treatment.

ESBR for commercial, industrial plants

40 KLD to 500 KLD plants with modular design

Avoid heavy capital investment and huge operational costs in early occupancy stages.

EcoSBR- Sequence Batch Ractor

SBR procedure perfected by EcoSBR for small communites

EcoSBR follows sequence batch process to treat wastewater in small communities.

your sewage treatment plant problems?

We have solution to your wastewater treatment needs.

Please read our FAQ on small sewage treatment plants and ask your specific questions to us.

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