Special Cases and Special Treatment

Nutrient Removal

Nutrient removal is not possible in continuously aerated plants, while EcoSBR series of plants remove nutrient to a very high degree. Thanks to sludge recycling and intermittent aeration process. All our plants can remove nutrients biologically without need for chemicals and additional installations.

Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite nutrient removal is important
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Need for High Treatment Performance

 When there is a need for high treatment performance in conditions where there are many limiting factors such as power fluctuations, frequent power cuts and varying loads it is simply possible to treat the sewage without any excuse. Our special program can accommodate the process in any condition to provide consistent treatment.

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Solar powered Sewage Treatment

For treatment to happen during the day time using solar energy, our combination of anaerobic and aerobic process for night and day treatment respectively is a dream come true for our customers. Anaerobic treatment happens during the day in one chamber while aerobic treatment happens in day time. There is a small usage of power for activated sludge maintenance during the night.

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Temporary Sewage Treatment Plants

Our flexible design can incorporate the required treatment plant in containers, on the surface tanks and in temporary structures. These plants can be dismantled and reassembled in a different location easily. Our special pumpless system is reliable compared to sewage treatment plants with pumps. Our control system ensures consistent treatment without need to train site personnel. The only pump requirement would be to transfer sewage from underground sump to the overhead container/s.