Sewage Treatment

EcoTec Advanced Sewage Treatment Plants

Sequence Batch Reactors for reliable sewage and wastewater treatment

Sequence batch reaction process can produce consistent treatment results independent of the need for minimum loading. Pollutant removal or sewage treatment is defined by the aeration time duration in the SBR aeration chamber.

Applications are many with EcoTec

EcoTec sewage and wastewater treatment plants have been installed in single homes, villas, schools, colleges, resorts, industrial kitchens, theme parks, industries and offices.

Based on the type of building usage, occupants behaviour, type of building and industry we have classified the treatment plants to,

  • Domestic and municipal sewage (BOD- 400 mg/l and COD- 800 mg/l)
  • Industrial kitchen wastewater (very high in oil and grease, cleaning agents and extremely high BOD up to 1500 mg/l)
  • Restaurants (BOD-900 mg/l and COD- 2000 mg/l )
  • Individual homes (BOD- 400 mg/l and COD- 800 mg/l)

A 6 members family reuses treated sewage water

Home sewge treatment plant
Household sewage treatment plant
Home STP
Small Sewage treatment plant for villa

EcoSBR plants can be installed with wall mounted panel next to the electrical junction box.

  • The entire sewage treatment plant can be under the stilt level, under the car park.
  • No need for operator
  • No need for separate pump room
  • Treated water meets all pollution control norms

EcoTec SBR process ideal for offices- People walk on top of the wastewater treatment plant to enter the hi-tech office

Underground installation of the plant results in a smell free environment in an office in chennai

Hotel Shankar in Jammu is a typical railway station hotel with people using the rooms multiple times in a day. The wastewater is treated in short cycles with EcoTec innovative ESBR systems. Treated water after every batch is pumped into storm water drain for safe disposal. 

EcoTec Effeciency

EcoSBR 65 KWh/yr
60 W bulb 120 KWh/yr
Conventional SBR 250 KWh/yr
MBBR 380 KWh/yr
Conventional Sewage Treatment Process 400 KWh/yr

##The above is the comparison of home sewage treatment for a family of 6 people and different sewage treatment systems available in then Indian market.

Apartment complexes and community Sewage Treatment systems

Each community requires special design for a sewage or wastewater treatment to achieve the treated water norms

Sewage treatment plant design is the most critical factor influencing the proper performance of a plant. Project specific designs for mid size plants from 30 KLD to 500 KLD is needed to achieve high levels of treatment. EcoTec has hundreds of plants treating sewage and achieving very high treatment values.  Modulized design approach keep us ahead of our competitors and our clients save money in capital investment and operational expenses during low occupancy period. Our experience outmatch combined experience of our competitors in the segment.