India needs sewage treatment plants that work!

Water pollution is happening at a much higher rate than that of air and soil. Contaminated water bodies cause long term health issues to millions of people in India. Over extraction of water has depleted water sources and there is rapid desertification in different parts of country. Water is a local resource, once contaminated cannot be used for consumption unless expensive remedial measures are put in place. It is wise to treat the wastewater and sewage close to the source and safely dispose to the environment protecting nature or reuse and recycle to conserve natural water depletion.

Urban communities and industries have started realizing that the sewage treatment plants installed are failing due to compromised design and lack of technical expertise to design and operate these plants. It is common for operators to overcharge customers and still do not achieve the required treatment. There are also some imported technologies that come with limited knowledge of Indian conditions.

EcoTec EcoSBR sewage treatment plants are designed through adaptation of global best practices and suited to local conditions. There are hundreds of EcoSBR plants successfully operational across India. EcoSBR plants are suitable for even for individual home domestic sewage treatment, available from 1KLD to 500 KLD. Our non compromising design, high quality parts coupled with our experience provide each building type with the right sewage wastewater system.

Where there is floating population in a building; water consumption and disposal vary on daily, weekly or seasonal basis. EcoSBR plants are designed to treat water by modifying operation according to the water usage. Industries, offices, schools, colleges, hotels, commercial buildings and other types of building can benefit from EcoSBR treatment process.

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