Service and maintenance

Service & maintenance of your wastewater treatment plant

maintenance service of SBR sewage treatment plant

Installation and commissioning of the plant is the most important process of proper functioning of a sewage treatment plant. Professionally trained personnel and companies represent EcoTec in different parts of India.

Although the plant is automatic it is necessary to carry out service and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant by well trained professional company or individuals to ensure that the sewage treatment plant has a long life. EcoTec and our service partners are qualified and are trained to carry out the service and maintenance of EcoTec plants.

The sewage treatment plant is in place to protect the environment where people live from potential harmful effects on human health and other living beings. Our plant are designed to ensure trouble free operation and environmental protection for years. Our high quality components and their rigorous testing procedures are complemented by EcoTec’s stringent assembly procedures. Our suppliers are among the world renowned manufacturer know for their quality. Our trained service partner supports end customers regularly to ensure proper operation and treatment all over India.

EcoTec provides periodic trainings to channel partners to upgrade their skills to service our high quality plants at their customer locations.

Become a trained service provider and represent a successful brand in sewage treatment system. Please write to us at