Reuse And Recycle

with EcoTecBlue


EcoTecBlue  range of advanced filtration systems are available to bring the required treated water quality for reuse in laundry, flush, gardening, carwash and any other reuse purpose. EcoTec SBR systems coupled with EcoTecBlue systems have made many offices, schools and institution reuse treated sewage water for many days. Our customers have saved Lakhs of rupees in a year by choosing our recycle systems. Thanks to our expert design


Ultra filtration

Compact ultra-filtration system provides pure treated water in excellent quality to be reused in laundry and flushing for even single homes. The same systems are available for drinking water treatment too.


Sand Filtration
Sand Filtration systems for larger communities for flush and garden reuse. Sand filtration is reliable for water reuse in flushing. Our successful installations are in operation for more than 4 years in harsh conditions.


Submerged Ceramic Filtration
Advanced submerged ceramic filtration system gives bathing quality water which can be used for any reuse purpose. This is long life product for very high quality water. Recommended for treating large volume of water reuse.

 what icon Ammonia Removal- Key to Reuse

When ammonium and nitrates are removed from treated water, disinfection is efficient with low levels of chlorine required. Nutrient removal also deters the formation of smell and biological re-growth in treated water.