Planning and Design of Sewage Treatment Plant

Planning and design consultancy services provided by EcoTec Engineers and Consultants

EcoTec provides services in sewage and wastewater treatment plant design and consultation

Every successfully running wastewater treatment plant and sewage treatment facility is the outcome of the following,

  • Understanding client requirement
  • Analysing local context and sewage/ effluent characteristics
  • Site conditions (climate, soil type, water quality, type of building, behaviour of inhabitants)
  • Thorough application of principles of good design and global good practices
  • Following strict design guidelines (even sometimes we had to say no to customers that are not willing to adopt proper design guidelines  and advise)
  • Adaptation of design to local conditions (inlet pipe level, type of usage, etc.)
  • Ensuring designs are not changed while construction
  • Right choice of high quality components and equipment
  • Always keeping long life of our plants in our mind and actions

Consulting and planning with EcoTec is the first step for a proper sewage treatment solution and this happens at the early stages of project design. We are ready to support architects, MEP consultants, PHE companies, EPMS companies and PMC  companies with design, long before the actual construction starts. This makes the project economical.

Our competent designers help you with plan.

Site inspection, discussion between experts group and CAD drawing review of each plant from the very beginning until commissioning is the key to successful sewage treatment.

Please write to our technical support team or call us at +914427472006

We provide services in:

  • consultation and planning support
  • creation/ support in preparation of individual installation drawings
  • dimensioning suggestion for collection tank depending on the type of users and application
  • dimensioning of SBR (sequencing batch reactor) chamber depending on the wasterwater characterisation (activated sludge process, aeration requirement, etc.)
  • renovation and retrofit analysis for existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Design optimisation for aerobic biological treatment systems 

Modular sewage treatment plant- Economical option

Builders and building associations can save a lot of capital investment and operational expenses through modular sewage treatment systems

For project and buildings that are occupied in an incremental manner, sewage and wastewater plant modulization is beneficial. When building occupancy remains low, there is no need for running a full plant that consumes a lot of power. Benefit from ESBR module approach