ESBR- For Community and Industrial Sewage Treatment

ESBR- community sewage treatment technology

Advanced systems suitable for larger communities and industries

  • Apartment complexes starting from just 20¬†dwelling units and up to 500 dwelling units (20 KLD to 500 KLD)
  • Industries and offices that have only one, 2 or 3 shifts¬†require different designs
  • Resorts, theme parks, schools and colleges where there is seasonal usage of water and have varying loads
  • Hospitals with varying loading and occupancy
  • and many other infrastructures including airports, bus stands, railway stations, etc.

Unmatched Treatment Quality Achieved

Our Modular design ensures achievement of high treatment values

ESBR technology is suitable for medium size communities, industries, offices, hotels and resorts. Modular design saves investment cost and operational cost for communities that will be gradually occupied. Housing projects, industries that are developed and occupied in phased manner can benefit from modulized design and incremental plant operation.

EcoTec achieves high performance in tough conditions

  • Frequent Power cuts- No Problem
  • All weather design- from the coldest regions with -20 Degrees to +40 Degrees
  • Flexibility to meet with field constraints in pumping from underground to over ground treatment chambers
  • Customised to site conditions
  • No minimum loading conditions for achieving treatment standards
  • Power consumption and operation controlled as per incoming water volume and flow

Flexible- anywhere, any location, any space

  • On top of ground
  • Partially under ground and over ground
  • Fully over ground
  • Portable systems- Container Sewage Treatment
  • Temporary Systems

Flexible Design means- Thorough knowledge

With every flexible design comes our in depth understanding of local conditions and expertise to solve your wastewater problems

Each project comes with its own limitation and there is a requirement to plan and design the sewage and wastewater systems in line with the project requirement.

Early engagement with EcoTec has saved a lot of money for our clients.