ESBR EcoSave- Smart control for varying flow and Load

EcoSave- Saves you money!

When there is low inflow into the plant say only 10% during low occupancy period of a building or a community!

It is important to meet the pollution control board norms at all times in a sewage treatment plant. EcoTec gives full attention to the present and future norms. When there is less water coming into the plant, the operations in the plant can be adjusted to carry out only one cycle per day. The number of cycles can be increased with the increase in occupancy and when there in increase in inflow. This is achieved by altering the program in the control system.

Underload operation details

Underload situation occurs when the plant receives very low load or very low inflow of wastewater

The ESBR control system is programmed to conduct various preconditions at stipulated intervals during a day. When there are conditions of low flow into the plant, a treatment cycles is bypassed and only limited aeration occurs in our intelligent EcoSave mode. This saves electricity and money for the customer. This operation is conducted automatically without need for operator intervention.

Examples of such occurrence: 

  • Initial low occupancy period in a building
  • Low occupancy days in hotels and resorts
  • Long term low occupancy in residential apartments and complexes
  • Low water consumption buildings
  • Weekend holidays in offices, schools and industries
  • Low visitors period on weekdays in hotels, theme parks, resorts
  • Plants designed for higher load and occupancy in future

When water saving and water conservation appliances are used

Communities that save water produce less wastewater but with high pollutant concentration

Water saving appliances is becoming common and there is less and less water consumed on a daily basis. This means that the pollutant levels are highly concentrated in wastewater and need special design consideration. Conventionally design principles are challenged by water conservation appliance usage and designers have to take full care of understanding the usage, behaviour of present and future trends towards water usage. EcoTec is ready with designs that support the conservation of water.

Examples of application: 

  • Housing complexes with water conservation fittings
  • Residential complexes using treated wastewater with high amount of chlorine
  • Toilets and urinals without bath
  • Toilets and water less urinals with water saving hand wash
  • Toilets and urinals using treated sewage water
  • Factories with high number of people using toilets with low water consumption
  • Restaurants that have a chair occupancy of more than 4 per day.
  • Fastfood joint and restaurants with high chair occupancy in a day
  • wastewater characteristics not the same as domestic sewage

No-load Operation details

when there is a longer period of no inflow into the sewage plant like weekends and continuous holidays

There are installations where there are no load conditions that occur often (weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc.). Schools and offices when not visited by students and people during weekends have almost no flow into the plant. In a conventional sewage treatment plant, the MLSS cannot be maintained and activated sludge starts to decrease when aerated. If un aerated and the plant is shut down, the activated sludge dies off and the plant cannot be restarted when the office reopens on Monday. ESBR control systems with its EcoSave mode is designed to aerate as per the prevailing flow conditions and preserve the activated sludge for conducting normal treatment in cycles unitll inflow normalizes on weekdays. When there are prolonged no flow conditions, the plant performs a churning operation every few days by taking some stored sludge from the collection tank into aeration tank and the EcoSave mode repeats.

Examples of such occurrence: 

  • Camp sites closed during weekdays
  • Holidays in school, colleges
  • Buildings closed for a few days for operation and maintenance
  • Weekend holidays in offices, schools and industries
  • Plants designed for higher load and occupancy in future

Other abnormal situations

buildings with short time high occupancy like wedding days, conferences and banquets in hotels

There are camping sites and resorts that are occupied on weekends and are closed during the weekdays. Our design engineers are ready to give you special designs to distribute collected wastewater over the weekdays for treatment.

There are banquet and meeting halls that are used for certain occasions in a building, there are large number of people visiting for a very short period of time. This can be managed by provision of separate tanks that can hold the incoming load and distributing the water to the sewage treatment plant.

Examples of application:

  • Party halls in hotels
  • Banquet halls
  • Garden allotment for weddings and functions in a hotel
  • Overload conditions that are not regular but predicted