ESBR- Modular wastewater treatment design

Modular Plant design saves money for our customers!

modular SBR sewage treatment plants saves investment cost to builders and real estate developers

EcoTec’s modular approach is an outcome of need for high treatment quality and at the same time save money to our customers who’s projects are planned and executed in a phased manner. It is usually the case that buildings are occupied in a incremental manner, sometimes tanking many years to reach even 50% occupancy. Our modular ESBR systems can be provided for any plant starting from 40 KLD and going up to 500 KLD. The beneficial features are,

  • Two or multiple SBR reactor  tanks- customer pays for the equipment for each reactor at a time
  • Individually operated reactors- saving a lot of operational cost
  • Activated sludge based biological treatment process- takes care of need for high quality treatment from day one onwards
  • Timed aeration process- plant operation time can be adjusted based on loading factors and can be changed at a later stage when occupancy increases
  • Intelligent process control- adaptation is possible at each and every stage to treat the incoming water volume
  • EcoSave- our unique power saving option
  • Process uses only natural naturally occurring micro-organisms for the process unless there is a special need to induce cultured microbes
  • High quality final effluent- BOD below 10mg/l, COD below 40 mg/l, nitrification, de-nitrification and phosphorus removal is integral part without need for extra tanks or processing

Modular approach uses two or more tanks as reactors which would makes provision better control over inflow of wastewater and for seemingly continuous outflow from the treatment plant. The reactors are adequately designed for biological nutrient removal which is becoming the norm for treated water in India. Our new generation of modular larger SBRs will have sludge processing and dewatering devices that can process sludge on site, even though there is less sludge production with our advanced SBR process. The frequency of sludge removal is lesser compared to other systems. Our smart web based monitoring systems is advantageous to property managers, as they could get EcoTec support more promptly than operators and managers in the plant location trying to resolve. Our automated control is capable of self adjustment based on inflow conditions and adapts treatment process accordingly. For more information or to read case studies, please write or call us on +914427472006.

When there are special situations like, low load, no load, low occupancy, etc., EcoTec plants are programmed to manage and deal with these abnormal conditions and save money for our customers.