EcoTec SBR-Sewage Treatment Systems


Our wide range of application starts from the smallest possible sewage treatment system for your individual home to as big as your community.


Single home STP can be installed in hours by local plumber

Cluster of Homes and apartments

For apartment blocks from 20 houses in stilts, we have designed many STPs that work without an operator, yet performing the treatment beyond the statutory requirement. Thanks to our expertise and foresight to develop STP that are fully automatic and intelligent. Many buildings with our STPs have been rated green buildings.

cluster of villas treat their seage with Ecotec SBR system

A community of 75 villas reuses the treated sewage in their garden

Single Home

When it comes to having your own STP at home, EcoTec STPs gives you the best price, performance and ROI. You only have to let us know your family size and we provide the right size of plant that can be retrofitted into your existing septic tank or in a tank constructed as per our design. We can retrofit our EcoSBR into your existing tank without need for any major change to the tank.


Green Rated building with our Automated SBR system reuses 100% wastewater

Mid Sized Communities

If you are a community of 50 homes and up to 150 dwelling units, EcoTec SBR sewage treatment plants can treat the water to very high quality to reuse for your flush and any other reuse purpose. Only periodic supervision of the plant is required and not a regular operator. EcoTec SBR plants have reduced the cost of sewage treatment to a very high degree to our clients.

Larger communities with up to 700 dwelling units are benefiting from our special designs. We have retrofitted many non performing STPs to improve the quality of treatment. Our special designs for larger communities save huge initial investments and reduce operational cost drastically during low occupancy period. Thanks to our module based designs.