EcoSBR- Small community & home wastewater treatment plant

Intelligent treatment system for small communities and independent homes

There are many reasons to choose EcoSBR small sewage treatment system!

More than 20,000 people are treating their sewage with EcoSBR technology. Small communities with 20 houses and apartments can afford to have a fully automated sewage treatment plant with EcoSBR technology. EcoSBR range of sewage treatment systems start from domestic sewage treatment for single home and can up to 25 home units (1 KLD- 20 KLD). The EcoSBR technology works in the proven principle of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) using pneumatic airlift systems that replace the need for mechanical pumps and unreliable mechanical and valve based decanters. EcoSBR systems are suitable for fully underground plants and can be retrofitted into existing sumps and septic tanks.

EcoSBR Treatment & Quality!

Highest treatment surpassing pollution control norms achieved

BOD< 10 mg/l, COD< 40 mg/l with nutrient removal at all times with EcoSBR.

EcoSBR- Sequence Batch Ractor

SBR procedure perfected by EcoSBR for small communites

EcoSBR follows sequence batch process to treat wastewater in small communities.

your sewage treatment plant problems?

We have solution to your wastewater treatment needs.

Please read our FAQ on small sewage treatment plants and ask your specific questions to us.

2 year warranty on EcoSBR- Brand you can trust!

EcoSBR- long life and saves money

EcoSBR- a brand that outperforms other in the same segment.