All you have to know about EcoTec and its relevance to your sewage treatment needs 

sewage treatment plant suitable for Indian conditions

Large community and industrial SBR sewage treatment system

ESBR technology is suitable for 20 KLD and above sewage treatment plants that can be underground. Unique airlift principle replaces electro-mechanical pumps and decanters.

  • Fully automated- No need for regular operator
  • Error logging- Precise understanding of repair and service needs
  • High Treatment values- BOD< 10 mg/l and COD< 50 mg/l after secondary treatment
  • Long Life- Very high quality components used
Sewage treatment systems suitable for apartments 5 kld, 10 kld, 15 kld, 20 kld

Small Community sewage treatment systems

EcoSBR systems are suitable for small communities starting from 5 dwelling units and up to 25 dwelling units. These systems are available in 5 KLD, 7.5 KLD, 10 KLD and 20 KLD respectively.

Small communities cannot afford to employ operators for sewage treatment plants. EcoSBR provides fully automated system that work without the need for operator. Optional web control and monitor systems can be provided and remote support form EcoTec experts and our service partners can be provided.

EcoSBR is most economical system in the range for the customer who is looking for trouble free operation, centralised remote support.

The plants are designed to for high performance and long life. Service requirement for EcoSBR is once in 6 months and replacement of wear and tare parts can be done in minutes without need for plant shut down.

home individual sewage treatment plant EcoSBR

Individual Home sewage and wastewater treatment system

Small wastewater treatment plants have to designed with more care to run without any failures. EcoSBR plants for single homes wastewater treatment use unique pneumatic systems that replace unreliable pumps.

EcoSBR uses advanced stepper motor valves for noiseless operations in small sewage treatment systems.