Industries, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals and Recreation centres
When occupancy, quality and quantity of sewage and wastewater is varying on a regular basis, EcoTec STPs still produce the same treatment results. Our intelligent EcoSave mode determines whether to do a treatment or wait for the right situation for proper treatment. Thanks to our sensor based control systems. Special Designs are always possible when we know your wastewater situation. The below reference give an idea of our robustness,

sewage wastewater from community and hospital is treated and disposed safely into the environment

A hospital with 200 beds treat the wastewater surrounded by houses

Underground installation of the plant results in a smell free environment in an office in chennai

One has to walk over the STP before entering a hi-tech office

SBR system is retrofitted into constructed underground tanks that can be under the walkway, pavement and road

Underground tanks being prepared for a hotel sewage treatment plant

ESBR SBR wastewater treatment plant in office

Treate Sewage water used in garden in a software company with 1000 employees

treated wastewater fed into the lake that is used for recreation and angling in Chennai

Treated Sewage Water used for recreation and fish farming for angling in city lake


Schools, hotels, hostels treat wastewater with our advanced plants

A hotel with 50 rooms treats it sewage to protect the environment with our advanced SBR system

airlift pumps replace sewage transfer pumps and decanters in a SBR process

Best in the market components being used for long life and rugged use

SBR automation ensures reliable treatment of water all the time without the need for a qualified operator

Our Advanced microcontroller is programmed to treat sewage without minimum loading conditions

Industial unit treats it wastewater with Esbr plant

Many manufacturing industries have retrofitted their existing STPs with our automated SBR system

With our experience in various geographical and site conditions, we can always provide you with special designs based on your present effluent characteristics, future change in effluent characteristics, space available, etc. You have the sewage and we have the solution to give clean and clear water.

Combination of continuous and batch process

In situations where there is no possibility to have a full batch treatment, combination of batch and continuous process is possible taking advantage of both process benefits. Sludge recirculation, sedimentation and discharge can be batched while continuous inflow can be accommodated. Inflow is only disrupted for a short period of time during settlement and discharge. These plants are working well where there is insufficient collection tank volume.

design image 5
EcoTec systems manage underload conditions without need for any special arangement

Overloading Conditions

When the sewage treatment plant is overloaded with slightly higher BOD and COD than the designed values, the plant program can be altered to run longer cycle period and longer aeration in a cycle to achieve required treated water parameters.

design image 7

Special Wastewater treatment

In case your wastewater is different than the usual sewage water character, you can be sure that we have the design that is right for you. Our experience with different kinds of sewage, wastewater and effluent biological plants can come to your help.


Our High Quality components come with standard 2 years warranty for controllers and compressors. The warranty does not include free service of components as part or whole. It is the responsibility of the buyer to maintain the plant as per the operation instructions. Conditions Applied.

2 years warranty on sewage treatment plants

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